Such was the case when he moved on to Savatage, and later on, when Savatage basically started the whole Trans Siberian Orchestra bit. I knew I could not leave disappointed from either a concert or CD listening of either because of the Skolnick connection.

Soooo .. cut to the present. What is Skolnick up to and why does he have a trio and why are they playing SXSW? Well, he’s apparently gone all out jazz, now. Its pretty interesting. I particularly like the photos section that show him today and as he was 10+ years ago. What on earth happened to all those hair extendions??? The most entertaining thing is that Alex still has that heavy metal influence in him. Although his latest work is jazz, they’ve done covers of heavy metal tunes. Check out the sounds section and you’ll hear the most interesting version of KISS’ Detroit Rock City.

This is obviously something I need to keep my eye out for, and possibly even get the CD. It seems like it beats that stupid Pat Boone CD away by a mile.

Also … Lucinda Williams is also on the list. She’s cool, too. Dwight Twilley and Lee Ann Womack are only on this list to confuse me. Willie Nelson at SXSW … that’s intriguing.